Garnet Valley School District (GVSD) is a public school district based in Glen Mills, PA, within the Greater Philadelphia area. GVSD serves the town of Chester Heights, Bethel Township and Concord Township. Founded in 1959, it is one of the youngest school districts in Pennsylvania. Garnet Valley is one of the leading school districts, competing academically and athletically amongst the top decile schools in the state. The district is run by a school board consisting of nine elected, unpaid members. In addition to the School Board, the student body of Garnet Valley High School elects two student representatives for a one-year term that runs concurrent with the fiscal year. These representatives serve in a non-voting advisory capacity.

Garnet Valley is a member of the Central Athletic League since 2008. Founded in 1967, the Central Athletic League aims to foster good sportsmanship for the Delaware Valley's most talented men and women student-athletes.